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Spring 2022 

Ground breaking and punch lists – Exciting times and updates at Whitmore Brothers.  Read on below.

Spring is an exciting time of year to be a builder in New England.  As a 40+ year builder we’re regularly managing multiple projects in varying points of completion throughout the year.  However, the spring season often creates the largest overlap of new projects breaking ground, and project punch list close-outs.  Thus, it’s a very exciting time of year at WB with the inception of new projects coupled with the gratification of turning projects over to their new owners.  To add to the excitement this spring has brought a number of other updates to WB.  Highlights include: refreshing our website and social media platforms, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Please be sure to follow along; Attendance and contribution to the Merry Mixers Gala to support pediatrics at Salem Hospital; and beginning to plan our companies summer outing in appreciation of our employees, and partners. 

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Winter 2022 

Collaboration – Build a team, Build on paper, Build vertically. The benefits of  pre-construction.  Read on below.

This winters topic surrounds the advantages of engaging with your general contractor or construction manager early on in a projects life cycle. The pre-construction period is arguably the most important phase that is overlooked when embarking on a new project. Breaking ground, while exciting, is a milestone achieved well into a projects flight plan. However, if Ill-planned, the duration of the schedule could be turbulent at best. To mitigate this reality, it is beneficial to engage your design team and builder together, early. This synergy allows for design teams to collaborate with the GC in real time on project costs, duration, and sequencing while retaining third party price assessment. Similarly, this dynamic allows for collaborative work between familiar teams. To that end, we’re happy to provide design reference and insight for clients new and old when envisioning a project.

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Fall 2021 

Welcomed Weather – Gratitude for our team’s resilience and poise to surmount a challenging environment.  Read on below.

This year’s Indian summer was a welcomed reprieve for four projects pushing towards Thanksgiving closeouts, and an added benefit for our ongoing builds and projects breaking ground. After a busy, and somewhat soggy summer season, the autumn warmth feels like a well-earned reward.  Climate aside, the year has presented a challenging building environment to overcome, and we thank our valued team member, design partners, supply network, and subcontractors for their continued dedication as we drive forward towards another successful year. We applaud our groups resilience and poise to adapt and maintain a safe and productive work environment to deliver a quality product.  It is our goal to promote this environment of continuous improvement and agility because we’ve learned over 40 years in business that the construction industry is not static.  The methodologies, materials, governance, customers, and workforce are dynamic variables influenced by new technologies, economic cycles, political climates, and natural forces.  Our companies success in this continually evolving industry resides in this adaptability to leverage our strengths to meet the current market’s profile. Two strengths we’ve found hold constant over our 40 year tenure are honest communication, and proactive planning.  It is this collaborative communication amongst project teams and clients, and proactive planning with a loyal network of suppliers and industry partners that’s allowed us to continually execute projects.  We sincerely appreciate all participants that make this possible, on to the next!

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Summer 2021 

A Sense of Normalcy – Emphasis on safety as we transition towards the “new normal”. Read on below. 

At Whitmore Brothers we are ecstatic at the premise of returning to a sense of normalcy after the coined “unprecedented times” brought on by 2020.  That said, safety and client/partner satisfaction remain at the forefront of our daily priorities,  and with that our operations will continue to reflect the highest level of safety and  consciousness of our surrounding.  Safety has always been a pillar of each project’s success, and WB takes pride in clean, organized, hazard free sites. 

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