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New Homes | Custom Homes

We have built some of the finest homes in the area. Our focus is quality, durability and timeless beauty. No matter the budget, location or style, we maintain the same high standards and attention to detail that this major investment deserves. We offer all the necessary services for the construction of new homes. Our focus is creating a seamless process with the highest quality results. Click here to view our New and Custom Homes gallery.

Additions | Renovations | Remodeling

Our services include the addition of space onto existing homes. The type of added spaces and renovations include, but are not limited to, family rooms, kitchens, garages, second levels, entries, porches, new interiors, interior trim, millwork and casework, exterior trim, siding, windows and doors. We make sure the work creates a seamless connection to the surrounding aesthetic and we provide custom and semi-custom cabinetry and all services necessary for a seamless, efficient and satisfactory result. Click here yo view our Additions/Renovations/Remodeling gallery.

Millwork | Custom Cabinetry | Casework

We offer millwork, custom cabinetry and casework services. For millwork we match existing moulding profiles and any custom, standard moulding or running trim required for a project. We also offer historic reproductions. We provide custom cabinetry and full casework including built-ins, kitchens, libraries, panel details and vanities. Click here to view our Millwork and Custom Cabinetry gallery.

Construction Management

This is a fully comprehensive construction service. We are the owner’s representative, whose responsibilities include, but are not limited to managing the planning, design, construction and post-construction phases of a project. 

Site-Work and Excavation

We provide all project sitework/earthwork requirements with our own heavy equipment and experienced staff. 


We can accomplish any project to fit your unique needs. Click here to view our Specialty gallery.

Green Construction | Energy Efficiency Upgrades

At Whitmore Brothers Construction Co., we recognize the value of sustainability and we work with our customers to provide environmentally-friendly options throughout construction. New technologies are constantly being developed that allow us to reduce our impact on the environment. We also offer all the services necessary to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency. This includes insulation upgrades, window and door replacement, heating and cooling systems, alternative energy systems, solar and geothermal heating and cooling and photovoltaic electrical supplemental source. 

Icynene Insulation System®

Icynene is a spray foam insulation option. It is an energy-efficient, noise-reducing and healthier choice. Our insulation sub-contractors are fully qualified as Icynene licensed contractors.

Solar Energy

Solar panels can be used to lower use and cost of electricity in homes.


Made from 100% recycled paper, Nu-Wool is an insulation option that can significantly reduce energy costs and is eco-friendly.

Geothermal Heating And Cooling

A geothermal system gains efficiency by using the consistent temperatures of the Earth to either heat or cool a structure. Energy savings for a typical geothermal system are as much as half of what a normal system would create.
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